Who can apply for Innovative Brains Academy Franchisee?

We invite franchisee applications only from serious professionals who are confident of making a distinguishing mark and genuinely interested in student development through technological intervention.

Some of the likely profiles for being our Franchisee:

  1. Secondary and Higher Schools with an eye for futuristic development of Students
  2. Any Professionals who wish to start own business in School Academic Arena
  3. Reputed Computer Institutes who are looking for entering in the rewarding business of Robotics
  4. Training for School as well as College Students
  5. Existing School suppliers having excellent rapport with School Administration
  6. Any business or a company looking for diversification in the most rewarding futuristic business of

Robotics for School and College students

Profile for IBA Franchisee

Though we restrict being utterly commercial, a commercially viable business is always the one which moves forward and has the capabilities to fulfill the requirements of its stake holders like students, parents, schools, colleges, academicians, etc. We emphasize on quality and genuine professionals.

IBA Franchisee must:

  1. have a flair and interest for interacting with school children
  2. preferably be an Electrical or Mechanical engineer
  3. If not, must understand the technicalities involved in robotics
  4. put the children’s and school’s interest before self
  5. be financially sound and willing to make investments
  6. have at least 500 sq. ft. premises with adequate training facilities
  7. have or ready to employ adequate staff with technical as well as business development skills
  8. have or ready to develop contacts in school academic segments

We assure to provide:

  1. Technical Training on designing, developing and assembling robots
  2. Specially designed and developed curriculum and syllabus for teaching students
  3. Training on business development and business generation
  4. Specially designed training manuals for technical staff
  5. Business leads on business development in the local market through our special Business Development Cell
  6. World class robots designed for continuous business and product upgradation
  7. Continuous skill up gradation training to technical staff on the newly designed and developed technologies

Business Potential:

  1. There exists tremendous potential for STEM related learning business and hence, there has been a tremendous rise in adopting this business model.
  2. Innovative Brains Academy has entered in this business 1 yrs. ago and made its mark in several schools and have inspired hundreds of school students in the field of STEM and Robotics.

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