Inception of IBA The Robotized World
Inception of “Innovative Brains Academy” (IBA) is basically done with the motive of having an innovation in the brains of students from the schools itself so that when they reach to the stage of work, they will be cleared about their future and what they can do for India’s development in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
As a student, we used to have lots of dreams… but don’t have the direction to reach. This competitive world generally motivate us to do the things which is easy and traditionally done by everyone as Brains of human always have trust on the things which he has done before and don’t have trust on innovative things. Like if you get good marks in 10th… generally people go for science and become engineer or doctor irrespective of student’s interest, which leads to formation of general engineer or doctor instead of skilled one?
Student becomes innovative if he is interested in that… otherwise everything will go like the script of movie or drama.
But now the question came in mind how am I come to know that I am interested in this or that? A student is actually developing their interest in the age of 10 to 16 years. There are thousands of fields in which students can develop their interest if they are introduced to that field at that time.
Innovative world demands the skilled people in the field of STEM for the development of rising Nation and that is possible only if people of that nation become more interested in STEM. It will be very easy to develop interest in people if we develop it in the students at the time of interest formation.
Hence, to develop interest in the students at the early age in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, IBA is created.

Our philosophy
We believe in basics not just in assembling
Aim & Vision
Mission of IBA is to develop the brains of school students in the field of Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics i.e. STEM by motivational effects of Robotics. Vision of IBA is to see all students technologically literate, mathematically competent, scientifically advanced and confident about their future & to see India as a Super Power Country in the world
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